Who needs to educate an orphaned child?

Recently in the journal Science published an article, devoted to the study of life of orphaned children. Scientists have proposed the most effective system of education of abandoned, orphaned, and poor children, whose number increases every day all over the world.

A group of researchers led by Dr. Nathan Fox (Nathan Fox), a Professor of human development at the University of Maryland (University of Maryland), USA, conducted a detailed analysis of the process of education 136 orphans at six orphanages in Bucharest, Romania. The study lasted for several years.

The Central idea of the new study was the provision stating that orphanages and residential schools feel a great social pressure. The development of children who are brought up in orphanages behind their peers, which contributes to a large number of reasons.

Scientists have proved that a foster family can give orphaned children a much more proper upbringing. The foster family is able to grow a complete human being, whereas in shelters, even at a high level of childcare, trauma and threat complexes is inevitable.

In the study, children were divided into two groups. The first was raised in foster homes, the second – in foster care. After passing the standard psychological tests it was determined that the education of children-orphans in foster families is much more effective and positive for the child than the education in orphanages and children’s homes, experts say.

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