Victim popular medications will receive from the manufacturer $ 109 million

In a victory for plaintiffs over many years of litigation, during which the parents of the young American tried to restore justice. The child became disabled after taking children’s ibuprofen. The manufacturer will pay a record compensation.
According to the decision of the Department of the Supreme court of the United States in Plymouth (Plymouth Superior Court) pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary McNeil-PPC Inc. must pay Rekis Samantha (Samantha Reckis) and her parents a total of 109 million U.S. dollars.

In 2003 Samantha, who was then 7 years old, took the drug ibuprofen, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson under the trade name of motrin (Motrin). Parents gave the girl a special kind of antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug.

In the instructions for the medication provided guidance that in rare cases ibuprofen can cause severe allergic reactions.
Unfortunately, Samantha belonged to the risk group – after taking children’s ibuprofen she developed the syndrome Stevens-Johnson, a dangerous systemic allergic reaction.

The girl lost vision, 90% of her skin was covered with painful bleeding ulcers. Was affected and internal organs – despite the fact that the doctors managed to save her life, now her lungs are able to perform their functions only 20% of normal.

For 7 years her parents sought compensation for damage to health and moral suffering endured by their daughter and themselves.

And although justice has been served, the representative of the company Johnson & Johnson after the announcement of the court’s decision stated that he would appeal, because this amount represents pharmacists excessive.
A year and a half ago after reviewing a similar case, a court in Pennsylvania ruled that the manufacturer must pay the other young victim Katrina $ 10 million.

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