The young lady on the planet lives in the us state of new Jersey

The suffering of an adult affected by serious illness to evoke sympathy for all normal people, but if a rare and incurable disease takes the life of a small child, we tremble and a heart of stone… Seven-month-old American girl suffering from a rare disease – progeria. Very rare, but fatal disease has changed the running time for the baby – it rushes to her rapidly, and she ages 8 times faster than normal people. The forecast of doctors is disappointing, but the child who does not know it, a friendly smile to others.

A small American penny Zoe (Zoey Penny) recently just turned 7 months – she smiles at the others, reaches out to him handles – in General, does everything it should do cheerful child her age. But at second glance wonderful baby, something alarming in her appearance, and that “something” every month and every week becomes more and more apparent, until eventually in a few years won’t kill the poor child…

7 months ago, her parents Ian and Laura penny (Ian and Laura Penny) was happy about the birth of girls in their family had already grown up, two kids-boys. However, just over a month after zoey’s parents found a strange change in her appearance. Her skin tightened all over his body, legs girls are very skinny, and his head was already visible veins. It was obvious that the body of the crumbs despite her good appetite, almost no fat.

The girl’s parents quickly found a specialist who diagnosed her, but the cure of the child was impossible: progeria is a disease afflicting zoey penny is currently an incurable disease.

Disease manifests itself even in infancy as Zoe penny. Then children overcome age related ailments. They develop heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, hair fall and teeth, disappears subcutaneous fat. Bones are brittle skin is wrinkled, and body hunched. Growth stops at around 120 cm.

Progeria is characterized by an accelerated aging process. Zoe disease caused by a tiny defect in the genetic code of the child, but has unavoidable consequences. Most children with this diagnosis dies to 13 years. Parents of the girl doctors have told the terrible truth – the patient with the same syndrome that lasted longer than any of his companions in misfortune, lived to the age of 26. And currently the entire planet is home to just 65 people with the same diagnosis.

“It is very hard to accept… I work as a high school teacher in high school. Around me there are children 15-16 years and it’s really hard to think about the fact that I most likely will not see your daughter at this age” – sadly tells Ian, father of little Zoe.

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