The poor father of conjoined twins asks to help them or kill

The people of India, whose now 15-year-old daughter were born with fused heads, asking the government to help their poor children, who began to experience in the last months of intense physical suffering.
Resident Indian city of Patna (Patna), Mohammed Shakeel (Shakeel Mohammed) decided to radically review its decision, which he made even 5 years ago.

Then the story of his daughters Saba and Fahar (Saba and Fahar Shakeel) became public, and girls at the expense of means of the specially created Fund even went to counseling in the United States to one of the largest specialists in separating conjoined twins, Professor Benjamin Carson (Benjamin Carson).

Careful examination showed that one of the most important vessels supplying the brain, the girls, joined at the head, one for two. The situation is further complicated by the fact that they have only one pair of kidneys located in the body, Fahar.

Then the doctors told the parents of the girls are conjoined twins, there is a probability of 20% that one of them could die as a result of the operation.

And Mohammed Shakeel refused surgery.

But now, five years later, in recent months, the girls began to suffer from severe headaches and high blood pressure.

The inconsolable father through the media appealed to the government to help with the operation or to subject his daughters euthanasia…

“They constantly cry and ask for help because they were suffering. I ask for help – if the government cannot find the funds for the surgery, let them, at least stop their suffering and give the opportunity to die painlessly,” says Mohammed Shakeel.

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