The humanitarian crisis in Africa — the largest in UN history

In four African countries, a situation which is recognized by the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN. We are talking about countries such as Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia. The UN has warned that the difficult situation of citizens of these countries will provoke another wave of refugees. In turn, this will cause instability in various States.

Deputy UN Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’brien said that this phase of history is critical. The beginning of the year was marked by major humanitarian crisis for the entire period of work of the UN. According to O’brien, famine threatens more than 20 million people in four African countries. People will begin to starve unless we take the collective effort of a global nature.

In his opinion, the organization has a plan for operation of a humanitarian nature in African countries. The UN has qualified staff to assist population. According to preliminary estimates for the provision of humanitarian assistance to African countries will need $ 4.4 billion. This assistance was provided to humanitarian missions should have access to the affected areas. Also this requires the cessation of armed confrontation.

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