The doctors will travel to distant Uganda to save the life of a “boy Bishop”

A schoolboy from East African countries, Uganda’s life-long suffers from a rare disease: his legs are swollen to incredible sizes. Local doctors recognized the powerlessness, but to save the child soon will arrive experts from England.

10-year-old Vincent Oketch (Vincent Oketch) for almost the whole of his short life suffering mysterious (at least to doctors) disease. Even when the boy was only a year and a half, his parents noticed an abnormal thickening of the feet of the son, but then they didn’t have the money to seek professional medical help.

However, even if the money was provincial of the Ugandan doctors are unlikely to be able to help the boy – later, when Vincent grew older, he was examined by many doctors, but none of them could not safely be called a diagnosis.

Only recently the Ugandan doctor osere Isaac (Isaac Osire), an employee of the organization EDYAC that across the country, provides medical assistance to children from poor families, were taken Vincent for a consultation at one of the best pediatric hospitals in the capital Kampala (Kampala).

Magnetic resonance scanning allowed to establish that the illness of the boy is a manifestation, at least 2 diseases at the same time: Vincent, there are irregularities in the lymphatic system, as well as a rare disease – deformation of tissues.

The child, whose sufferings aggravated by the need to wear skirts and dresses because his legs don’t fit in some pants or shorts, were threatened with complete amputation.

Then Dr. Isaac Osire appealed for help to colleagues from the UK, have successful experience of treatment of such ailments.
In the coming weeks the doctors from the United Kingdom will arrive in Uganda for examination of Vincent and developing strategies for its treatment.

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