The boy with 8 limbs to get rid of your relative, the parasite

As blasphemous as it may sound, if a little Indian boy Deepak Kumar Paswan lived in another time and in another country, it could become quite a wealthy man. However, hard times during which a child with a rare congenital anomaly pointed out to them and sometimes tried to stone him in the past: now the boy recovered after an incredibly difficult surgery, which the surgical team saved him from “little brother” – the so-called parasitic twin that grew directly from the body of Deepak. Incredible anomalies one of British television even dedicated a special program shown at the beginning of this week.

The English press, which talked about Deepaka Kumar Pavane (Deepak Kumar Paswaan) before brilliantly performed by the Indian surgeons surgery, was named the boy only as “Octo-boy,” that is, “the boy with eight limbs”. Indeed, people do not end up developed in the womb “brother”, they had two pairs of hands and feet.

Deepak Paswan, which this year was 8 years old, was born with the rare anomaly is even rarer than conjoined twins. In the boy’s body was unborn parasitic twin.

One can only imagine what anguish struck the psyche of a small child, when he grew up and became aware of their grievous monstrosity. Only a small part of the inhabitants of the village where he lives with his parents, believed it to be the earthly incarnation of the God Vishnu, who also had 4 hands, but the majority was afraid of Deepaka, considering it an anomaly, a creation of the devil. Several times the kid nearly stoned to death.

But now it’s over: the operation that saved the boy from “relative”, was held by the surgeons from the clinic Fortis hospital in Bangalore (Fortis Hospital, Bangalore).

“When Deepak just born, the doctors told my wife that he will not survive for several weeks. And here he is again with us – alive and completely healthy” – did not hide the tears of happiness the father of Deepak Kumar at a press conference, which was organized by the doctors.

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