Terminally ill girl has been refused the right to euthanasia

Chilean authorities at the highest level responded to an emotional request 14-year-old girl suffering from cystic fibrosis, to give her the opportunity to “sleep forever.” The President, a pediatrician by training, gave the order to provide the child with proper treatment.

Recently, a young resident of Chile (Chile) Valentina Never (Valentina Maureira) has posted on YouTube a video she shot in a hospital room.

14-year-old girl appeals to President Michel Bachele (Michelle Bachelet) with a request to give instructions to the doctors of the clinic injected her with a lethal dose of sleeping pills to end unbearable suffering.
Valentina, from childhood suffering from cystic fibrosis, says that “tired of living with this disease.” She said that cystic fibrosis was the cause of the death of her older brother, who died at the age of 6 years.
From 30 January Valentine is in the clinic of the Catholic University of Santiago (Santiago”s Catholic University Hospital). A hereditary disease that is cystic fibrosis that affected her lungs, liver and pancreas.

However, Elizalde Alvaro (Alvaro Elizalde), representative of the President, told journalists yesterday that, “despite the fact that the child’s condition cannot but cause sympathy, her request may not be granted”.

Alvaro Elizalde also reported that at the direction of the President the staff of the Ministry of health of Chile met with members of her family, as well as with attending physicians.

In addition to the specific treatment she will receive and the assistance of a psychologist to improve her mental state.

Freddie Never (Fredy Maureira), father of Valentina, told reporters that, despite all the pain that caused him the treatment of his daughter and he respected her decision to escape from life, because the girl suffers unthinkable.

Chilean President Michelle Bachele, the daughter of a senior official in the government overthrown in 1973 by President Salvador Allende (Salvador Allende), in his youth, he graduated from the University of Chile (Universidad de Chile), specialty “Pediatrics”.

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