Success in eradicating the “boy” turtle from its shell

The little Colombian boy had to come the hard way from his native village to the capital of the country and to postpone a serious operation, but now the kids don’t call him “turtle”, and the adult will cease to be baptized at the sight of his back.

6-year-old Colombian Didier Montalvo (Didier Montalvo) never sunbathed with their peers on the banks of the small river in a small village – it even in the summer heat never took off his shirt. On the back of Didier was a terrible kind of “carapace” – a huge birthmark covering the entire back.

Peers teased child, calling “boy turtle”, and adults, superstitious neighbors believed that a giant congenital growth on the back of the baby was punishment for what his family allegedly friends with the evil spirit.

Doctors warned his mother that there is a high risk of malignant transformation of birthmark, but the Didier family didn’t have money for a difficult operation.

Finally, doctors one of the capital’s hospitals in the country’s capital Bogota (Bogota) have agreed to do the surgery for free. But after they examined the child, found that even they can’t decide on such an extensive surgery

Then they contacted a British surgeon Neil Bulstrode (Neil Bulstrode), one of the best specialists in the world in the treatment of the disease, Sino-Didier is still in the womb, which is called a giant congenital melanocyte naevus.

Soon Bulstrode flew in from London in the distant Bogota, where, leading the team helped him to the local surgeons, and freed from the dreaded Didier growth, which has continued to grow.

The child had to move a lot of suffering he took, and a few transplants of skin, but now he’s happy – the skin on his back was perfectly normal.

Dr. Balstad, which every year makes an average of 40 such operations, said earlier never faced such a complicated case in all my years of practice.

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