Starving children saved peanut butter

According to the results of a study conducted at the Medical school of the University of Washington, nutritious peanut butter can save the world from hunger, thousands of African children.

To date, more than 70% of children of the Republic of Malawi located in Southeast Africa suffer from malnutrition. This leads to the fact that more than 13% of them die before reaching the age of five.

Dr. mark Manary (Mark J. Manary) from the Children’s hospital in St. Louis, for several years studied the nutritional properties of a mixture based on peanut butter, called “health food, ready to eat” (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, RUTF). It is composed of nuts, powdered milk, oil, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

The mixture produced at a factory in Malawi, and will be provided to mothers to feed their children.

At the time, as a group, Dr. Manary has worked hard to promote the program, material and human resources were lacking. The implementation of such a diet in the Republic of Malawi spent about three years. The results of this work published in the July issue of the journal Maternal and Child Nutrition.

In the course of research work was involved in 12 district health centers in southern Malawi. Based on data from the world health organization had conducted a detailed briefing for local physicians regarding which children suffering from malnutrition, threatens death. According to the results of 2131 starving children who have undergone the program RUTF, 89% recovered and went on to lead a normal lifestyle.

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