Resident of India requesting permission for euthanasia 6 of their children

A monstrous request of the resident of the Indian city of Agra, stated in a letter to the President of the country, is not due to mental illness of the author, and serious hereditary disease in his children. All of them with awaiting full paralysis, agony and death.

In the family of a resident of Agra (Agra) slow moving drama, the tragic outcome of which is predetermined in advance.

6 of 8 Indian children aged 8 to 18 years suffering from a rare genetic disease called Canavan disease or spongy degeneration of the white matter of the brain.

This is a rare neurodegenerative disorder in which there is destruction of the myelin sheath of neurons in the brain. The cause of the disease is mutation of the gene ASPA.

The doctors explained Mohd Nazir (Nazir Mohd), what ends the disease, when the symptoms appeared at his first child in infancy.

Knowing that their first born is doomed, he and his wife decided to give birth to a healthy child – but the disease struck 5 of the following 7 children still in the womb.

Recently desperate Mohd wrote a letter to the President of India Pranab Kumar Mukherjee (Pranab Mukherjee), which outlined his terrible decision – a poor father wants to kill their sick children, so they do not suffer.

In the family Nazirov older two children, a boy and a girl who were born healthy – they, of course, man plans to leave alive.

The country’s leadership immediately responded to the savage request of the resident of Agra: it was decided that the state government will supply the family with food and other necessities, and for the sick children sent a number of experienced doctors who will examine them and provide relief to their suffering.

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