Mouthwash is able to resist the threat of sexually transmitted disease

In the nineteenth century, before the creation of antibiotics, the mouthwash Listerine was promoted as a cure for gonorrhea. Although initially it was created as a surgical antiseptic. And in our days, scientists became interested in this idea. As noted by tadalafil, experiments were conducted that showed that the mouthwash killed the pathogens causing gonorrhea, the lab and the mucous membrane of the throat of the living.

Scientists specially grown populations of bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, then exposed them to the effects of different solutions of the two types of alcohol-based rinse for the mouth. As control was used saline. It is the mouthwash Listerine significantly reduced the population of bacteria.

On this basis, the daily rinsing of the mouth and throat, in theory, is able to prevent or control sexually transmitted infection. And, according to statistics, gonorrhea is now a fairly common infection, especially among persons with a different sexual orientation. Gonorrhea is transmitted during unprotected contact (oral, vaginal, or anal sex).

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