It won’t hurt: a special system will be removed postoperative pain in children

Surgery is an ordeal for any man and especially for children who suffer physical pain than adults. The new system will provide kids the anesthesia without the nasty effects of conventional analgesics.

Conventional pain medications (especially narcotic containing opioids) significantly limited in pediatric practice compared with conventional hospitals, where the doctors have a lot of money against postoperative pain.
Many operations, especially on the kidneys urological, perform children in an open way and lead to severe pain in the postoperative period.

Now the suffering of young patients will facilitate a special set of “ON-Q Pain Relief System”, developed in the United States.

The system provides a constant flow of local anesthetic action on the catheter that has tiny holes. The drug falls in the range of a postoperative wound in its entirety and effectively relieve.

The flow of anesthetic is automated and is carried through the given time intervals.

Depending on the child’s age and the nature of the transaction used catheters of different lengths from 2.5 cm to 2.5 cm.

Clinical trials of the device involving 40 patients of the urology Department of the children’s clinic showed that the device is “ON-Q Pain Relief System” has a number of advantages compared to traditional methods of postoperative analgesia.

“ON-Q Pain Relief System” provided more prolonged analgesia compared with narcotic analgesics, its use is not associated with adverse effects typical of injectable and oral medications.

Children by using this method experienced much less pain in the postoperative period and quickly recovered.

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