In West Africa is the vaccination against polio

According to forecasts, within three days of 20 million children in West Africa will receive a vaccination against the highly contagious virus that causes an incurable disease
Vaccination campaign against polio in Africa holds the Foundation for children, the United Nations together with the local health authorities. On the “Black continent” hundreds of thousands of volunteers from eight countries. The campaign used oral vaccine.

In the fight against polio in West Africa in recent years has made great strides, but causing paralysis virus has not been eliminated, partly because some religious leaders in Nigeria have reacted to vaccination with suspicion. So, in 2003, the vaccination program in Northern Nigeria was postavlena after the spread of rumors that the vaccine causes AIDS and, in addition, is part of the plans of the West to sterilize Muslim girls. As a result, the virus has spread even more and re-infected 23 countries that were previously declared free of polio. For example, in Ghana for five years there was not a single new case of polio, and only a few months ago was identified eight cases of paralysis of children aged 1 to 4 years. It is expected that the eradication of polio in this country alone will cost $ 2.5 million.

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