In combating the epidemic of AIDS in Africa joined the drones

Africa becomes a kind of testing ground for unmanned aerial vehicles, for medical purposes. On the continent now launched several programs to improve medical care with the use of drones.

The health infrastructure in African countries is not sufficiently developed: a significant part of the population lives in remote areas, and the message in medical laboratories and hospitals, is bad.

In such circumstances, using drones to improve at least the diagnosis of many diseases, which are detected by laboratory studies of blood, urine, saliva and other biological fluids.

The first such program in existence in Malawi (Malawi), a country located in Southeast Africa.

In Malawi, home to 16 million people, of which at least 10% are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. Are HIV positive and many young women in this country, which increases the risk of having children who can also be carriers of this virus.

The development of AIDS, these children can be prevented if the time to identify the virus in blood and treatment with antiretroviral drugs, but in the whole of Malawi there are only 8 laboratories in which to conduct such tests.

Now, early diagnosis of HIV in children, Malawi will become much more effective thanks to the program, which UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is implementing in cooperation with the company Matternet.

To deliver blood samples of newborns and children from remote areas of Malawi in cities where there are specialized laboratories that used drones.
While flight and landing drones controlled by the employees of the company Matternet, but in the near future to pilot the drones will be the health workers, using a special application that is installed on your smartphone.

And in another African country Rwanda (Rwanda) 30 drones are already widely used to deliver not only biological samples for analysis, but also donated blood for transfusions, drugs and medical equipment.

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