In children with systemic juvenile arthritis there is hope

Millions of children worldwide suffer from severe forms of arthritis, the inflammation of the joints that can affect even infants. Up to the present time was not highly effective drugs to treat this disease, but the drug RoActemra gives hope.
Arthritis in children terrible is that he not only causes the suffering of the little man, but also can lead to the defeat of many organs and systems such as eyes or respiratory organs.

Scientists-pharmacologists from the company Roche created a drug, which literally puts on his feet and returns to normal life not less than 65% of children suffering from systemic juvenile chronic arthritis.

Clinical trials of the drug RoActemra (titilola) involving 112 children, patients with this disease showed that after 3 months of taking tatisilwai at more than 75% of the patients experienced improvement (definition was based on a scale) by 70%, while in the placebo group improvement was only observed in 8% of children.

After 12 months of receiving tatisilwai in 66% of participants noted improvement of 90%.

Treatment previously used drugs, which are traditionally used for the treatment of systemic juvenile chronic arthritis, never gave such good results and was associated with severe side effects.

“I have seen in my practice many children who have this illness struck almost every joint in the body and even heart and lungs. This disease is much heavier than rheumatoid arthritis in adults. We had to use high doses of steroids and methotrexate that had a significant side effect. 12 of my little patients who took titilola, everything returned to normal. This is an amazing medicine,” says Eileen Baildam (Eileen Baildam), paediatrician with years of experience from the hospital Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the English city of Liverpool (Liverpool).

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