We all know that potency is the ability of men to act, to produce, i.e. to make a real man’s function is to conceive children. This is facilitated cialis 5 mg. Sex life (regular) has a beneficial effect on all body functions, there is a great mood, vitality, and confidence. It is very important that the potency in men all was in order and if it is lowered, you should apply measures to its increase. But, unfortunately, statistics show that the problem of poor erection faces every third man. Defective sexual life because of impotence problems is a major emotional trauma for men. Because of the potency depends not only on the possibility of sexual intercourse, but also the direction and strength of libido, duration of sexual intercourse, due to the quality and duration of erection. These indicators may have strong, medium or weak.

Doctors are sounding the alarm: today, even men at the age of 30 are experiencing problems with potency. The reasons for this is more than enough. This stress, a limited amount of sleep and rest, not enough proper lifestyle in terms of diet and physical activity. It is also worth to call the reasons related diseases (not only venereal disease but also, for example, diabetes), psychological causes etc. This is not to mention the fact that the elderly in 80-90% of cases there is complete or partial impotence. While many are trying such a delicate issue to gloss over. By the way, absolutely in vain as we already talked about the fact that modern medicine really works miracles and doctors can help men to restore potency.

Therefore, we recommend to initially refer to a specialist. Folk remedies to increase potency in this case are not prohibited, but it should be used only as a Supplement to the basic treatment, not as a separate way of getting rid of all problems. It is very important that the doctor know what folk remedies do you plan to use. Some infusions, herbs and fees have contraindications, and this can be discussed with a specialist.

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