Father moral support of critically ill son with an unusual tattoo

The share of preschooler from the United States fell hard tests, doctors discovered he had a malignant brain tumor. After the operation on the boy’s head left a large scar and then his father had the same tattoo, in the exact shape of the scar.

American doctors managed to save the life of 7-year-old Gabriel Marshall (Gabriel Marshall) – in 2015, the boy began to complain of dizziness, headaches and visual disturbances, after which he was found to have anaplastic astrocytoma, a malignant brain tumor.

Now Gabriel, a resident of the state of Texas (Texas), feels fine, but he is very worried because of the huge scar on the right side of the skull, which fails to cover the hair – the hair of a boy, dropped out because of side effects postoperative radio – and chemotherapy, have not yet grown.

Seeing the anguish of a son who was ashamed of his scar and called himself a “monster,” his father Josh Marshall (Josh Marshall) and he felt better.

Finally, Josh figured out how to support Gabriel.

He shaved his head bald and asked the master of the tattoo parlor to get him on the skull tattoo, which exactly resembled the scar on his son’s head.

“I told Gabriel, if he believes that the people with horror and disgust, looks at the scar on his head, then let them stare at both of us,” says Josh.

The annual holiday called father’s Day (Father’s Day) and is celebrated in the USA on the third Sunday of June, one charitable Foundation has announced an unusual contest photos.

For participation in competition were accepted images had to be depicted children suffering from cancer and lost their hair due to side effects of treatment, and their closest male relatives (fathers, grandfathers, uncles) who shaved their heads in solidarity and support.

Josh Marshall sent a photo contest, where he is depicted together with Gabriel and unexpectedly for both of them this photo was recognized as a winner.

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