Every year dies a million premature babies

Approximately 13 million children worldwide are born prematurely, and more than a million of them killed in the first month of life. Preterm birth is the outcome of 9.6% of pregnancies. 28% of neonatal deaths associated with prematurity. Most premature babies die in Africa and also the USA and Canada. This is stated in the report, which was read in new Delhi, India, at the International conference of pathology of childbirth and disability in developing countries.

Data for the study were taken from the recently published Bulletin of the World health organizations. Scientists believe that this is information about the number of premature births may be understated. More than 85% of births to term occurs in Africa, where about 11.9% of children (4 million) a year are born prematurity. In other regions data are as follows: 10.6% in North America, 9.1% Asian, 8.1% in Latin America and the Caribbean, 6.4 percent in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), and 6.2% in Europe.

In richer regions are born every year 7.5% of premature infants in the moderately developed regions is 8.8%, while in poor regions – 12.5% of the total number of births. In the USA the number of premature births has increased by 36% over the past 25 years due to the fact that more women are postponing pregnancy and birth after 35 years. Also, in the United States were more likely to use artificial insemination, which lead to multiple pregnancies. Children born before term are more at risk of developing serious health problems such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, inability in learning, etc. At the moment there is no sure way to prevent preterm birth.

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