Children with cerebral palsy will help “Spider”

“Cerebral palsy” – one of the most frightening diagnoses that can hear the parents of a small child. Deprived of the ability to use their limbs, these children often become deeply disabled, and with normal mental development they experience not only physical but serious moral suffering. Invention, which the authors from Poland called briefly and accurately “The Spider” (the Spider), is a kind of Microsporum able at least to some extent, to return the joy of movement kids. This machine greatly increases the effectiveness of traditionally used when cerebral palsy physiotherapy and massage.

Little the inhabitant of the English city of Northampton (Northampton) Windram grace (Grace Windram), who was born with severe cerebral palsy, in his 4 years he could scarcely move, but “The Spider”, a special device, consisting of a system of elastic thin ropes, transformed her life.

Grace along with her mother Helen Windram (Helen Windram) now four times a year to visit a clinic where “the Spider” becomes for her not only medical trainer, but a favorite toy. Each treatment lasts three weeks with daily sessions of 2 hours.

Little grace has already learned to sit, kneel and crawl.

“I didn’t expect to see something like this: our life has completely changed thanks to this wonderful simulator,” her mother Helen wipes her tears.

The Spider simulator allows doctors and physiotherapists to give the child the desired position and lock it – the kid can fully carry out the prescribed set of exercises.

In the UK a course of treatment using the simulator offers treatment and rehabilitation centre “Footsteps” (“Steps”), which is located in the city of Barbaro (Warborough).

“This simulator in combination with intensive physiotherapy and experienced physicians helped to radically change the lives of many sick children,” says Pippa Hoyer Millar (Pippa Hoyer Millar), one of the founders of the center, “Footsteps”.

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