Children should not die

Millions of children’s lives could be saved worldwide. It is necessary to conduct a global program to improve nutrition among children and adolescents, the researchers note.

Proper nutrition and clean water, compliance with hygiene and good living conditions – that is most lacking populations of underdeveloped countries. First and foremost, suffer the children, which is the cause of the high infant mortality rate on average around the world. It is reported by the article published in the latest issue of the journal of the American Medical Association.

The adoption of measures aimed at the improvement of these indicators will help save the lives of more than half a million children in Africa, 800 thousands and South Asia and about 50 thousand in Latin America. The implementation of the set goals will give high positive results, said study author Dr. Majid Ezzati (Majid Ezzati), Professor at Harvard medical school in Boston, USA.

One of the founding parties of the conducted research is to assess the real possibilities for achieving the development Goals of the United Nations, scheduled for the current century. The report, however, does not provide data regarding the funds required for such a significant raise living standards in underdeveloped countries.

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