Children from poor families often fall into the emergency Department

Children from families with low income in need of emergency aid in two times more often than children from families with higher incomes.

Data provided by the Agency for assessment of quality of the health care system (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). The study analyzed 12 million visits to the emergency room, including treatment on the pathology of children, the average annual income of parents which is about 37000$ and children whose parents earn over 61000$.

For every 1,000 children who received emergency assistance, had 414 children from poor families and 223 children whose families were well provided for.

The results of the study also showed:
in 96% of cases children were provided emergency medical assistance to the extent necessary and was allowed to go home after the normalization of.
among the most frequent causes of hospitalization of children in hospital were community-acquired pneumonia, bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis, acute appendicitis, dehydration (dehydration), depression and seizures with convulsive syndrome.

The researchers calculated that spending more than 45% of cases, emergency hospitalization covered by insurance Medicaid (Medicaid) in 43% of the cases funds were allocated by private insurance companies and 3% hospitalization payment was made from other sources.

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